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Chopped strand, made of E-glass fiber and chopped strand of 3, 6, 12mm in length are produced by collimating the continuous fibers into strands and winding the strands into an intermediate package for subsequent chopping in a separate operation. Surfaces of monofilaments are specially coated with a suitable sizing compatible with polyester resin system. It degignation refers to a high performance, silane-based sizing that is chopped strand, will provide good composite properties in polyester molding compounds applications. It is ideally suited for both injection molded and compression molded BMC.


  • Excellent coupling with multiple polymer systems
  • Excellent glass flow characteristics
  • Optimized strand intergrity and good glass dispersion
  • Good solubility in syrene monomer
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Packed in 100% reusable and recyclable bulk bag
  • Significant improvement is obtained in dimensional stability, modulus (stiffness), and strengths (tensile and flexural) versus polymers
  • Type of Glass : E-glass
  • Type of Size : Silane
  • Loss on Ignition (%) : 1.05+/-0.15
  • Nom. Filamnent Dia (um) : Avg.13+/-1
  • Nom. Chopped length (mm) : 3,6,12
(based on the fiberglass made in Korea)
  • 20kgs(vinyl bag)/Box, 50Boxes/Pallet, 10Pallets/20ft

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